Upwest office

Based in Silicon Valley, we are the most active early stage US fund in Israeli startups.

Our team of founders, experts, and creatives, help you with the tools, talent, and network you need to fast-track you to the US market.

Get Your First US Customers

Access the US market by being in it. Our insider experience across industries, sectors, and domains will catalyze your first sales.

Get Your First US Customers

We live and breathe

the US market;

literally, your

customers already

know us.

Get Your First US Customers

Reach Smart Capital

Engage strategic, forward-thinking follow-on investors at the right time for the long-term.

Reach Smart Capital

We help you scale by

planning your

runways, milestones,

and introducing you

to leading US


Reach Smart Capital

Land & Expand

Easier said than done, we know. That’s why we simplify your logistics, planning, and transition into your new market.

Land & Expand

Our 10+ years of

hands-on tactical

guidance and team of

doers ease your first

to-dos from day one.

Land & Expand

Build a Life-long Network

Join forces with your peers sharing and tackling the same fundamentally complex US market-entry challenges every day.

Build a Life-long Network

Join the largest

network in the US of

200+ Israeli founders

and 80+ companies

sharing knowledge,

experience, and


Build a Life-long Network