Based in Silicon Valley, we invest in both pre-seed & seed stage startups that are innovating in the US-Israel tech junction. UpWest has the largest portfolio of Israeli startups headquartered in the US. Since 2012, we have invested in over 80 companies that have raised more than $1B in follow-on funding. We are hands-on investors and dedicate our time post-investment to helping our companies acquire customers, partners, and top talent across the US.

What We Look For

We lead investments in pre-seed and seed stage rounds. We have

the flexibility to invest the right amount of capital to companies

depending on their domain and stage.


$100k - $500k investment

For these investments, we are looking for startups that have a great idea, focused on finding customers to validate your vision, and are working on building an MVP. These entrepreneurs are looking to set up their business operations in the US as soon as possible to gain valuable customer insights, create partnerships, and build the momentum needed to grow your business rapidly.


$750k - $2M investment

For seed rounds, we are looking for startups that have proven there is market fit and demand for their product. Startups at this stage should be focused on beginning to scale the business, optimizing the product and obsessed with customer success.

Our Partnership

As founders ourselves, we know how important it is to have people that can really help you through those turbulent times. Accordingly, we give our portfolio companies more than just a check: we provide ongoing mentorship to tackle market penetration, customer development, and access to top partners and investors. We are partners for the long-haul.

Upon our investment, the founders spend meaningful time in our Silicon Valley office, engaging directly with the UpWest team to crystalize go-to-market strategy, connect with partners/customers, and learn the best practices of breaking into the US market. For our portfolio companies, it is common to set up sales & marketing offices in the US while keeping the R&D in Israel. Our entrepreneurs take on the US market with the support of our previous founders who are passionate about their ventures and happy to assist our new companies.

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