uMake Beta Launches To Positive Reviews

UpWest portfolio company UMake (Batch #7) recently released the private beta version of their 3D design application. Since they launched, UMake has received amazing reviews from leading publications and individuals within the 3D design community. For example, read this great product review published in CarBodyDesign (check out the demo videos), and see the screenshots published in SolidSmack.

Nyko de Peyer, a designer and UMake beta user, took his thoughts straight to Medium:

Designers sketch a lot. It is our primary tool for ideating, and one of the most effective ways to communicate. While the pen and paper have stood the test of time, and are still amazing, over the years technology has tried to help designers with sketching. Tools like Wacom pen tablets and displays, and even iPads do a good job, and together with applications like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk SketchBook Pro, Mischief, Paper, and ZBrush designers can translate the pen and paper experience into the digital realm. Except there is one small problem: For the most part, digital sketching is still only two dimensional.

To demonstrate the value of UMake to designers that normally use traditional CAD modeling software, the UMake team also produced a side-by-side video comparing the design completion time of a real professional designer using each solution. Using UMake, the designer completed two designs in 5 minutes vs completing only the first design in 13 minutes.

Sign up for beta access today to try UMake for yourself!

uMake was founded in 2014 by co-founders Eviathar Meyer and Erik Sapir. Eviathar, CEO, led Design and Product Managment at Autodesk’s AutoCAD mobile project. Erik, CTO, is a former Team Leader & Software Architect at Autodesk’s AutoCAD mobile project.