SentinelOne is a cybersecurity startup formed by an elite team of cybersecurity engineers and defense experts that joined forces to reinvent endpoint protection. With decades of collective experience, SentinelOne founders honed their expertise while working for Intel, McAfee, Checkpoint, IBM, and elite units in the Israel Defense Forces. They came together in 2013 to build a new security architecture that could defeat today’s advanced threats and nation state malware.

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Building A Big Company From Day One

Our founding team has always had a vision to build a big company from day one. We had a novel approach to cyber security and developed a method that could protect data from the most intense threats. We knew from the start we wanted to market our solution to the biggest enterprise companies with the greatest security challenges. We were looking at various ways to get to the US market as soon as possible. When we connected with UpWest, it was an instant fit.

Exploring The Silicon Valley Ecosystem

It is always challenging to break into a new environment, but we knew that we needed to build our own network in Silicon Valley. Whether it was a question of building a better product or how to approach market influencers, UpWest was there for us to facilitate the initial connections and point us the the right direction. Then it was in our hands to take it and amplify to create our own strong ties in the valley ecosystem.

A Hustler’s Mentality And A Hacker’s Approach

Even before you raise funds and set up operations, you need to see if you can bring your product to market. One of the major questions we asked was whether our product could perform the way we envisioned it in the US market. While members on our team had already run and sold successful startups, finding big customers in the US was not viable from Israel. We could have stayed in Israel to raise funds and get initial customers, but we knew it was critical to our success to first get to our target audience. It was important that we speak to as many potential customers as we could to address their major concern and understand our potential – and do this sooner rather than later. We knew it was critical to verify and learn before we started architecturing our solution to build a better product suited to large US customers and could have only done that in the US market.

Disrupting An Industry

We built a product that is highly differentiated and cutting-edge and is trying to disrupt a market which has been stagnant for 20 years. To do so, we have teams in Israel and the US. It’s not easy, but having a strong product and presence in the US and having the best R&D team in Israel helps maintain our competitive advantage.

Company Culture And Community

The UpWest community is still a part of our company culture. Whenever we have a certain goal, whether it’s reaching a specific person, or getting into a strategic event, our team never hesitates to leverage our network and industry mentors for guidance. From business consideration to funding options, we can always benefit from bringing in an outside perspective. The UpWest community is like a family. It becomes part of your life.