The Keywee team calls on their unique backgrounds in natural-language processing and Big Data to solve a rapid-growing pain for publishers and content marketers: finding the audiences most likely to act in accordance with specific business goals and crafting better-performing content for those audiences.

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Not Just Content

We help hundreds of publishers and brands use data to create better content and find audiences for the content they are creating. Our team’s unique background combines software engineering as well as understanding text and language, which sets us apart from our competitors. When we started Keywee, we had the core idea and vision with a basic challenge to solve: how to better use data to match content effectively, and how to create content using that data.

The Fast And The Furious

UpWest was instrumental in helping us successfully test our initial prototype, which evolved once we better understood our market and customers. The team encouraged us to get closer to customers and industry experts that would help us reach our understanding of the market faster. We secured four pilots in the US that we could never have gotten in Israel. Without this support, we would have wasted months and exhausted ourselves working on the wrong product for the wrong reasons. Even for a company already in the US, this kind of network helps you move much faster. Speed is the most important thing for a startup.

First Time Entrepreneurs

We were first time entrepreneurs when we started KeyWee and we quickly recognized that there are so many lessons to be learned from other people and their prior experience in startups. We began to internalize these lessons at UpWest, in Silicon Valley, which is the best source of knowledge for teaching a startup to tell their story, fundraise, and track metrics. No matter how smart you are, these insights can only truly be gained by working with people who have been in this environment for an extended period of time.

A Connected Community

We are still very connected to the UpWest team. I don’t think that relationship goes away, which is a huge asset to have for a startup. We have offices in New York City, but UpWest continues to provide critical advice and connections. Being a part of the UpWest community has been a great advantage for our company and instrumental for our growth.

The Most Valuable Network

We came to UpWest without any US network. After the first four months, we had a robust network of mentors, advisors and investors. We met two members of our advisory board through UpWest. All of our investors came through the UpWest network. All of them. Today, we are growing faster than ever.


Year Founded:

Yaniv Makover (CEO), Ariel Katz (CTO)

Total Funding Raised:
$9 M

Notable Investors:
Innovation Endeavors, Marker, New York Times

New York (HQ), Tel Aviv

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