Introducing Our New Portfolio Additions

As 2017 comes to a close, we are excited to announce our recent investments from three months ago: CyCognito, Loadmill, and WeFind. The UpWest portfolio has now grown to well over 70 startups, with our newest additions targeting a diverse range of verticals including cyber security, devops, and enterprise software. All three companies are already making significant progress in the US market, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them for years to come! | Rob Gurzeev

CyCognito has developed the only external & automatic attack simulation platform that discovers organizations’ security weak spots. 

Existing solutions such as scanners, internal network mappers, and manual security audits are siloed and focus on testing only specific security issues within specific IP addresses. These solutions ignore the actual attacker’s process, which seeks and pursues the path of least resistance to breach an organization’s network.

CyCognito is the only solution to perform a continuous simulation of sophisticated attackers Reconnaissance and Examination processes, providing organizations with a clear analysis of their attack surface. Just like real attackers, CyCognito’s SaaS platform requires no installation, configuration or corporate resources.

CyCognito’s founders Rob Gurzeev and Dima Potekhin have extensive offensive cyber security experience, and have previously built large-scale products from scratch and led large R&D teams. | Ido Cohen

Loadmill is the first company to use real Internet traffic to help organizations build apps and websites that never crash.

There is currently a major gap between Dev and Ops that virtually guarantees long dev cycles and flawed products. While dev teams are building software in a siloed, sterile and synthetic environment, Ops are facing the Internet, experiencing chaos and a completely different set of issues. Testing software without simulating real-world conditions prevents dev teams from anticipating the problems that crash their products when they go live and costs companies billions of dollars a year in lost revenues and damaged reputation.

Loadmill bridges this gap by taking a slice of the Internet and bringing it to the dev team, enabling them to test their products with real Internet traffic as part of their continuous delivery pipeline.

The company founders Ido Cohen and Itay Sabato come from a strong technical background and have worked together for several years at a DevOps startup acquired by CA technologies. The company is based in Palo Alto and Israel. | David Sokolow

WeFind is a user intelligence platform that gives companies a way to leverage individual, real relationships with their users to drive growth.

WeFind takes the vast amount of data in the user base and combines it with the vast amount of data that exists out on the web, and unlocks a user intelligence platform their teams can use across the organization.

The company already has a cumulative 5M+ data points analyzed so far from the 13 companies on its platform, including the major brands Casper, Codecademy and WeFind’s first product helps digital marketers tap into their user base for ambassador-driven marketing. Through WeFind’s platform, they can discover users that love their product and have powerful voices in the market, allowing them to activate brand-ambassadors in a more authentic, scalable way.

The company’s initial focus is helping brands use their customer base to discover authentic influencers. Though influencer marketing is expected to grow 10X over the next 5 years, there are challenges with authenticity, measurement and high costs. Through WeFind, marketers can discover influencers that actually love their product, and activate them in a scalable, cost effective way. In the long run, WeFind is positioned to help companies use their customer base across the org, ranging from consumer insights to hiring talent.

WeFind is led by CEO David Sokolow, consumer strategist, and CTO and co-founder Yarin Slivka.