HoneyBook is an event vendors platform established in 2013 by four friends who shared the pain of planning their major life events. As newlyweds, they found themselves collecting and signing countless contracts, managing emails and phone calls from upwards of 50 vendors each, and worst of all, writing paper checks (yes, they still make those). Determined to find a better way, the four co-founders — Oz, Shadiah, Naama and Dror—met with hundreds of creative businesses and their clients. Shortly after, HoneyBook was born and has quickly gained traction in the events industry by revolutionizing the way event pros run their business.


Love At First Sight

We (Naama and Oz) were dating from childhood and from an early age loved throwing events. When we got married, the wedding process showed us what a broken and outdated industry event planning was. We felt the planning experience was fragmented and full of friction. We wanted to solve this problem for others who were experiencing the same problem, so we built a great tool that fit the needs of the American industry.

Take It To The States

We were just starting to raise money, when we met with Gil in a coffee shop. We explained our plan to bring our product to Australia. Even though it was positioned for the US audience, we didn’t think we could start there.  After meeting with Gil, we realized we should start in the American market. It seems ridiculous now that we had ever considered any other plan. Gil and his partners invited us to hop on a plane and come to UpWest and the rest is history.

Building A Big Company From Day One

In Silicon Valley, we started seeing huge companies around us that opened our eyes to what we should aspire to. We met other entrepreneurs that wanted to big build companies, making it clear that we could dream much bigger than we had originally planned. Houzz, for example, was a company who paved the way for our aspirations to build something meaningful. The other crucial aspect of being in Silicon Valley was meeting potential customers. One customer, a photographer, pointed out to us that our user interface was still in military time – showing 16:00 instead of 4pm. It was something simple and small but it affected our customers. Our main goal was always to build a great product while placing value on the customer relationships we were creating.

Company Culture & Customer Care

From day zero, we were already thinking about company culture and how to build a successful company based in Silicon Valley. Being in Silicon Valley exposed us to thinking about what type of company we wanted to build. Early on, we developed a passion to help all customers and showcase ourselves as a company with great support. It was essential for us to always care for our community.

An Expanding Vision

Today, we are headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Tel Aviv. We serve creative businesses in the events industry and are hyper focused on the event workflow for our customers. We want to be the leading place for creative businesses to go for their work collaboration. When we accomplish our vision, HoneyBook will enable an entire industry to operate seamlessly on our platform.

Building Valuable Networks

From the beginning of our partnership with UpWest, two important networks were being developed. First, with all the mentors, customers, and investors with whom we have maintained close relationships. The second network is no less important; the portfolio community. This network continues to grow over time as each new portfolio company goes through the same process and similar growth experiences. Being part of the UpWest community, and having that crucial support ecosystem, is like having siblings versus being an only child.


Year Founded:

Oz Alon (CEO), Naama Alon (CPO), Shadiah Sigala (Head of Customer Experience), Dror Shimoni (CTO)

Total Funding Raised:
$72 M

Notable Investors:
Citi Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Aleph, Hillsven Capital,  Evan Williams, Naval Ravikant

San Francisco (HQ), Tel Aviv, New York

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