Gil Ben-Artzy

Founding Partner

Gil joined UpWest as a founding Partner in 2012, opening up the firm’s Silicon Valley Office. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of building large companies and providing resources to get them there faster. He is committed to investing in entrepreneurs that have a meaningful vision of what they want to do. His approach is not bound by industry, domain, or company stage.

“I believe to be an entrepreneur you have to think you can do close to the impossible. To achieve something so daunting requires high optimism coupled with an obsession to succeed.”

Prior to UpWest, Gil was the VP of Operations Management at Yahoo! for two years after working with the Corporate Development group for four years. During his time at Yahoo! he worked on strategy & acquisitions, drove business for the Tech Infrastructure organization and managed relationships with the Israeli ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs and startups. He led the acquisition of Yahoo!’s first Israel-based startup (FoxyTunes) and helped open the company’s first R&D center in Haifa.

“One aspect I love about my job is connecting people. Building relationships with people for years to come is just as important as building a long-term business. I measure success by the number of people you were able to influence.”

Before that, Gil served as a consultant advising Fortune 500 companies for the Boston Consulting Group in New York. He holds a BA in Economics & Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MBA with Honors from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

“In order for good things to happen to you, you have to be on the go, active and lively. You have to stand in luck’s way. The more doors you try to open, the more likely good things will happen to you.”

Outside of work, Gil enjoys going to live music performances (Coachella Music Festival is his annual highlight). He is also an avid sports fan, and though soccer is at the top of his list, he will pretty much watch anything that has a ball and/or timer involved.

“I aim to help people bring about change they care about. If you have a certain vision and goal, I believe you should try and make the most of it because life is too short not to go for it.”