CodersClan and VeedMe Join Forces to Take #1 Spot on Product Hunt

It’s been a wild few weeks for our friends at CodersClan (Batch #6) and VeedMe (Batch #4), who recently launched a joint-side project called Coverr on Product Hunt. In VeedMe CEO Yoav Hornung’s own words:

“Hi everyone, Yoav here, one of the “founders” of Coverr. why the dashes?

Coverr was built as a joint initiative between two startups “Veed.Me” & “CodersClan”. 
Since we experienced the need of homepage background videos from both sides; Video & Code, we decided to build something that will give these, for free — to the community.

Basically, Coverr lets you download any video that you want (mp4+webm+image) AND it also gives you code snippets to help you implement them (html,css,javascript). It’s copyright free and always will be.”

Seems simple enough, right?

Well, over 1200 PH upvoters agree. In the weeks since Coverr launched, they’ve acquired a steady stream of organic press coverage that is driving new business for both startups. Here’s a sample of their recent coverage:

Interested in trying Coverr out for yourself? Give it a shot and let us know what you think!